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OpIsrael – Your op was bad and you should feel bad

It’s been a busy week here in Israel. With security “experts” spreading FUD about the the coming infocalypse, management types all around the country entered a national state of panic. So after all this is over, it’s time to look back at what we had and what we can learn from this.

Prelude to the storm

For weeks prior to April 7th, various (mostly Arab/Muslim) “hacking groups” have been threatening to “Wipe Israel from the Internet” – why anyone thought this is even possible still remains a mystery, with Israeli ISP bandwidth in the Tbps range, at least an order of magnitude more than even the largest DDoS volumes to date.

All that didn’t matter to security experts, who were quick to warn of anything between critical infrastructure failing to internet being slow, and the mass media that devoted and incredible amount of attention to the issue. One “security company” even suggested users uninstall their browser on April 6th and re-install on April 8th, a suggestion that in my opinion earns them a triple face-palm. Continue reading